Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello Again

I am totally screwed.

I haven’t worked out in about a month.  When I walked the dog two days ago, I thought I pulled something in my back—don’t ask me how.  The weather is getting colder, which means that I’m bound to pull a few muscles even if I spend the next 24 hours stretching.  The wind down by the water will dehydrate and wear me out, and I’m sure by the 18th hole I will be begging the players to call an ambulance. 

Yes, that’s right.  After four years of playing the corporate game, I have been presented with a unique opportunity.  I get to return to caddying for a short period of time.  I was recently laid off from work, and while I scrambled to find another job, I realized that I had a friend from my caddying days who is currently the manager of a caddie program about 40 minutes from where I live in New Jersey.

Where’s my crack pipe? I know I left it around here somewhere.

The job search is going well—in fact, I think I have something lined up in November.  But because of the financial strain of the last 6-7 weeks, I needed to find something temporary to pay the bills.  My friend, The B-man, got back to me right away, and said he could help me out.

Tomorrow’s the big day.  I visited the course once before, years ago, and although there are a lot of things that amaze me about it, one thing still sticks with me: no carts.  While they have golf carts to help people get from the parking lots to the first hole or to the clubhouse, there are no carts allowed on the course.  It’s just too damn hilly.  That’s good for the caddie program, but that also brings me to my first concern: I might die.

So, I’m back to play for a little while.  During the years I caddied, this blog was an amazing place to come to every day.  If I had a horrible loop, I could bitch about it.  If I learned something new, I could share.  The feedback and friends I made through this site meant the world to me, and so this short return to the ring is special not just because I get to misread putts or smoke crack again.  No.  It’s special because I get a chance to interact with you guys again. 

I’m not sure how many of my old friends will even see these posts, but if you’re out there, let me know how you’re doing and slap me around a little through your comments. 

I’m a caddie.  This means I drink, play cards, and go on rants from time to time.  Enjoy.

I may not be able to move for 3 days after I caddie tomorrow, but it will be worth it.  Cheers.

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