Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Bring an extra pin sheet

So this morning I was all set. I got my tees, divot repair tool, quarters, scorecard, pencils for notes, food, drink, and my pin sheet. I had even folded my pin sheet in a special way so it was quick and easy to see where any pin was at any point in the round. I was ready.

I was paired with an easy bag. The guy was older, but he had game and all I would need to do today was give him yardages. No reading putts or shot advice. Which I guess, now that I think about it, I would've liked to get some experience with that. Because I'm sure when the course starts getting busier my boss will undoubtedly need caddies with some know-how. But I suppose one day of relaxation wouldn't hurt.

And then it happened.

Everything was going great, and then we got to the eighth hole. As I was walking up the fairway, another golfer drove up on his cart and asked me for a pin sheet. "Do you have a pin sheet? My foursome wasn't given one."

"Um, sure. Here."

And so I gave him mine. My perfectly folded pin sheet. I mean what was I supposed to do? He's a member. Being a member, that means he pays a six-figure fee every year just to play here. Hence, he gets what he wants. But now I was screwed. The player I was currently caddying for didn't really need a lot from me. He never asked for anything. Well, anything except for YARDAGES.

Oh crap.

So there I was, walking up the eighth fairway, PRETENDING I knew the next yardage. Fortunately for me, he didn't ask for one, and the next hole was a par-3, so I decided to let the other caddie go ahead of me and yell to everyone what the suggested yardage was. But from then on out, I was screwed.

But to be honest, it was a lot of fun. I was fairly accurate, and he only grimaced a few times when he realized he needed an extra club or two. Or three.

"Are you sure that's 128?"

"You bet." (Bullshit)

"There wasn't any wind there Tom."

"Haha. No there wasn't sir (YOU didn't ask me Mr. I've-got-gold-dust-in-my-$5,000-set-of-irons)."

And he really does have a set of irons with gold in them. The idea of having gold in your golf clubs sounds pleasing, but it's not practical. Gold isn't exactly a hard metal. The heads of his irons are a little banged-up. But still, I suppose you earn some bragging rights when you own a $5,000 set of irons.

But that's all for now. Take care.

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